Monday, 15 August 2011

Ta! Da! 'The Witcheye Gene' now in kindle form!

Hi everyone

Three cheers! I have finally got my book ( The Witcheye Gene' by P J Newcombe) into e-book form and it is released today on Amazon kindle. it is of course, still availble as hard copy on amazon but now you can download it too. Brilliant! The book is a supernatural thriller and it would be great if anyone feels they could take a look at the free sample or even, dare I say it, buy?

Here is the blurb to try and tempt you:

'Kendal MacIntyre has fought long and hard to overcome the emotional scars of an unhappy childhood to create the successful boutique business she now has. Having lost her husband to cancer she is driven by one thing only – to see her daughter April have all the advantages in life that she herself was denied. So when someone appears to be snooping, she is terrified that her shameful secret will wreck April’s chances in life and she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the hereditary trait of ‘special’ sight. But when an evil killer threatens the very existence of her family, she knows she must face her demons if she is to save the one thing she cares about.'

Do let me know what you think? All comments - good or bad - are most welcome. 


  1. Oh Pat it sounds great, I will be adding it to my reading list. Good luck, sell zillions! x

  2. That is good news, Pat, ebooks have taken off in a big way.

  3. Sounds fantastic, Pat! Best of luck with it, and congrats!

  4. Will definitely have a read. I absolutely believe we don't know anything much about what's out there beyond this 'reality,' but my experiences have helped point the way..
    Good luck.