Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly (insane)!

Hi all
Now that I am getting used to social networking I thought I would make a few comments on what, it seems to me, is good about it and what is not! In other words the good, the bad and the ugly, (aka insane)!

First off, I love that you can connect, however briefly with like-minded folks from all over the world! I did learn quite early on that I really only wanted to connect with people whom I have something in common with - ie. writing! That said, I have broadened out a bit lately, but I am still more interested in what other writers have to say about writing related topics...

I also love that my list of contacts grows daily and is generally reciprocated so I don't feel I am wasting valuable writing time. Networking in todays society is not only desirable but is totally necessary if you have something to say that you want to get out there or have a product (yourself and your work) to promote.

Tied into this, of course, for me, is my blog (tadaa!) and my website. I've had many a useful comment and/or insight in terms of writing than I know what to do with. All grist to the mill!! And all very welcome. It's so great to get this kind of feedback. Never could I have imagined - just a couple of years ago even - that I would be networking and promoting like this.

Now for the bad (moans). I so hate when people do not put a few words of bio into their profile. I like to know something about the person I'm contemplating tweeting or networking with. In fact, I think it's absolutely crucial to keeping some kind of common dialogue thread going. I mean, I wouldn't try and talk about brain surgery with a neuroscientist willingly, would I? Or maybe that could be interesting.... But you know what I mean...
So come on folks, give us a little info about yourselves so we can judge whether you'd want to tweet with us.

Lastly insane. No not me - although some may dispute that fact! Insanity comes when I am madly trying to keep up with it all and realise the morning or afternoon has sunk without trace! I'm a writer - ergo I WRITE. Or at least I try to when I am not networking.... Eeek!
Oh well, mental home here I come...
So, do you have good and bad things to say about networking? What are your pet hates?

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  1. Enjoyed your post, Pat - I'm slowly getting the hang of twitter!

  2. Interesting post, Pat. If I have a pet peeve it's that some writers you follow tweet nothing apart from a live commentary on what they're watching on TV! (",)

  3. Hi Pat,
    Great post. I get very annoyed when I follow someone on Twitter and the first thing they do is send me a DM with a link to their book. I think it's rude and to be honest, generally puts me off them.

  4. I so agree Elpi. It's just not etiquette! We all have stuff to plug but there's a time and place for it. Otherwise it's just spam, isn't it?

  5. Great post and I agree with all you say. I get annoyed when people on Twitter do nothing but promote their books. I just stop following. I do love the whole social networking thing though. I think of it as my office gossip. If I had a proper job, I'd get all the news and gossip during coffee breaks. As I'm on my own in front of a computer all day, I rely on blogs, Facebook and Twitter for the 'company'. :)