Sunday, 18 December 2011

Inspiration From a Master

Every now and then I am reminded why I love reading so much and why I still aspire to being a better writer than I am!
One of my all time favourite horror writers is Stephen King and I am sure there is not a single person who loves books who has not at least heard of him. Dennis Wheatly before him and then Mr. King were the two authors (in my misspent youth) responsible for my fascination with tales of the supernatural and paranormal. Later I also became a huge fan of many of Dean Koontz’s books too. Ah, but that was when I was younger and more impressionable…
No, wait, I am still impressionable if the right kind of story comes along!
The reason I am reminiscing about my early sojourns with Stephen King and horror writing is that I am at present reading his latest offering. And what a delight it is too. I have to admit that one or two of his books over the last few years have been rather too rambling for me and did wonder if this would be the same. But, no – this is King at his best! The main thing for me is the absolute attention to detail and the quirky bits of imagery that transport the reader back to an age that has long since gone. I was around in the late fifties and sixties but only as a child so the detail has me totally hooked.  For those not familiar with this book it is all about time travel and changing the course of history. Fascinating stuff, anyway, but Mr King handles it so well… But then he would – he has many years of successful writing under his belt and the largest number of best sellers so he should know what he is talking about.
I only wish I could write the same!!
Oh well, onwards and upwards!
Who do you aspire to as a writer?


  1. Fascinated by your mention of Dennis Wheatly, I'm old enough to have loved him as a teenager. Who is the writer I admire..? there are several, and although I write, at the moment, for children, I need to have language skills of a high standard. Perhaps when writing for children the need is even more essential. I tend to read all the Booker prize winners, those on top of the New York Times list, and the equivalent winners from other countries - in translation of course. But the one person I most admire is William Golding. I treasure everything he has written.

  2. The only book of Kings that I have read is, On Writing. I loved his style though and have thought I should read some of his fiction books. He has a great voice. It's just something I haven't got around to yet. Maybe I should now with such a recommendation behind it.

    I love the crime genre and my favourite writer is Karin Slaughter. She is the master of crime, but doesn't forget the characters. I wouldn't miss a book of hers.

  3. What is the name of King's book you're reading? I too love how King can tell a tale. When I was younger, Poe inspired me. My first novel was a dark religious thriller.

  4. DUMA KEY was the last King novel I truly enjoyed. I have the one you're presently reading, and now, because of you, I am looking forward to reading it.

    I wrote a French Quarter Christmas ghost story with a haunting photo from a friend. Come check it out if you have the time :

    (just as a courtesy) -

    Have the most special of Christmases! Roland

  5. I'm still trying to figure out what part of that youth was misspent. ;) I agree with your assessment of Mr. King's offerings as of late. I'm still working my way through Under the Dome. 11/22/63, however, I ate up. It was a gorgeous book. You're right about the quirks, too. It's one of my favorite things about him. His worlds are so fully realized and textural. As for aspirations, I aspire to be myself, plus. Always plus.

  6. Hi Pat. Thanks so much for the follow! I'm such a wuss when it comes to horror, the one genre I have a hard time with, being susceptible to nightmares. I read King's Insomnia and that was great! What's the name of his latest book? I'm a sucker for time travel tales and the setting sounds really good. I might give this one a shot!

  7. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments. It's so great to get others' perspectives. King's book is 22.11.63