Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Click is KIng! Long Live the King!

The click is mightier than the pen - they say...
I once put pen to paper (literally) and wrote.

Now I click, tap and navigate. What a huge change to the way we all communicate. I can’t even remember when I last received a hand written letter.   I am not a bright, young thing (although I’d like to think I’m still reasonably bright!) but I know many others of a similar age group who are also very au fait with computers and indeed to some degree, social networking.

For me the keypad is quicker than the pen when it comes to getting tumbling thoughts and ideas down on paper. Free writing engages the creative right side of the brain and not the analytical, logical left brain. I believe getting something, anything, down on a blank sheet is the best way to avoid writers block and so I often use free writing to help me think and get going on a project.

Using the keypad rather than the pen gives me a quicker easier way to use this stream of consciousness writing and make some sense of it. In longer pieces (and especially at the beginning of a novel when my thoughts may be a little muddled anyway) it’s far easier for me to rush on knowing I can come back and sort it later. Editing with pen and paper just leaves me with a confused mess of crossings out and no sense of what I am really trying to say.  Having said that, I have friends who continue to write in longhand – at least initially. They still cherish the feel of pen on paper and love to fill the blank white pages of a notebook.

Just occasionally I write something longhand – maybe a rough draft of an article or something short. However I do find the writing tends to end up almost note-like with no proper sentences. I guess that’s because my hand cannot keep up with my brain! No, wait… That can’t be right! My brain is definitely a slowcoach… (Thinks….)  Or maybe not…

Long live writers of all kinds!

So do you still write longhand occasionally or are you a total keyboard convert?


  1. My handwriting has always been terrible - even from day one - so I'm all about the keyboard now!

  2. I write all of my first drafts entirely in longhand. I've been doing that since I was 11 years old. I tried doing it the other way but it kills my creativity. So yes, everything longhand for the first draft and then I have to type up my chickenscratch and then I start editing and revising. I don't know why but it feels so freeing and liberating that way. For me, anyway.

  3. I almost always use the keyboard, but I think I write better longhand - it seems to engage my creativity more than the keyboard. I'm just too lazy to write longhand all the time x

  4. I write all my fiction straight onto the computer but I write by hand for personal letters.

  5. We all write, but we're all different. The important thing is to write in the way that works for you and get those words down. Editing comes later. Great post.

  6. I use the keyboard all the time, except for poetry. I like the speed and the neatness and the fact I can read back what I've written without squinting. In the beginning, I used voice-activated software because my typing was so slow. But the computer misinterpreted half of what I said - often hilariously - so I learnt to type faster and never looked back.