Monday, 28 January 2013

Getting Back Into Things...

Back to Work
I wonder if other writers have the same problems as I do when it comes to getting back into your routine after a long break/holiday?
I sit at my pc and fiddle around the edges of work in progress/articles etc. but my mind isn’t really connecting with it. And I find that, although I do remember my WIP plot and the characters, some of the finer details of whys and wherefores have slipped from my mind. I have to sit and read the whole work so far to get back into the mind-set.
It reminds me of how I try to organise my work so that a break comes at the end of a draft. The trouble is, if I get behind, it doesn’t work out like that and I have to leave it midway. Such a hassle – but we all have to have breaks don’t we?
Despite lot’s of notes and plot charts etc. I sometimes forget where I was intending to go next. This can be kind of interesting as my muse get’s jump-started, get’s all excited again and suggests new ideas and thoughts about plot development. So it’s not necessarily all bad news!
It just goes to show that without breaks we can all go pretty stale on a project, methinks. Well, that’s my excuse anyway…
Oh yes... And my latest book is now available on amazon kindle...

Do you have problems getting back to work after a break?


  1. I don't have trouble getting back into a routine as I never seem to get a routine started to begin with.

  2. I do have problems getting back to work. I'll reread my work to get a sense of what's going on, where the story will go and if something needs changing. I don't organize like you though. Forgetting about your work is good, because it gives you a fresh perspective when you come back. I find things I didn't know were there before. :)

  3. Had to laugh when I read Patsy's comment, as it mirrors my own. I find 'habit' difficult but keep trying my hardest. when I have a break its even worse!

    I write in the evenings, so I tend to jot down a few notes during the day of what I'll try and do in the evening. I have a goal list for the week, so really I'm just breaking that down.

    More than a few days away then rereading is probably the biggest help, as I tend to forget! What are we like...

    Have a good week.