Sunday, 30 November 2014


FREE! Free free...

For a few days only my thriller novel "The Witcheye Gene" is totally free on amazon. Get your free copy now!"The Witcheye Gene"
Stuffed cats, auras, second sight, different coloured eyes and evil personified all feature in this tense thriller.

We all have auras.
Kendal MacIntyre has fought long and hard to overcome the emotional scars of an unhappy childhood to create the successful boutique business she now has. Having lost her husband to cancer she is driven by one thing only – to see her daughter April have all the advantages in life that she herself was denied. So when someone appears to be snooping, she is terrified that her shameful secret will wreck April’s chances in life and she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the hereditary trait of ‘special’ sight. But when an evil killer threatens the very existence of her family, she knows she must face her demons if she is to save the one thing she cares about.

The eyes have it!

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