Monday, 2 May 2011

Can you rhyme orange?

I was looking through some old stuff from my university course the other day and recalled a great discussion about how certain words just did not have much rhyming potential. The word in question was 'orange'. I found the short poem I wrote to prove I could rhyme it - sort of...

"Fresh pasta and sauces, the taste buds they tingle
As the wonderful smells delightfully mingle.
With cutlery clinking, the diners tuck in
and the champagne bubbles, they sparkle and spin.
Some touch the huge platter of duck a l' orange
sat next to the shivering strawberry blancmange.
And all agree the feast was delicious even if not so completely nutritious. "
It may not be the best bit of poetry in the world but I do remember having fun devising it as I also tried to incorporate all the senses. It made me realise that writing can sometimes be just about fun. It doesn't always have to be a gallop to the finishing post of publication. We should all make time to linger along the way and smell the flowers.
What do you think? Do you sometimes write purely for fun? Can you find a better rhyme for 'orange'?


  1. Wow, I didn't believe that there were no words that rhyme, so I looked it up at Oxford Dictionaries ( and you're right!

    I also found this page with some other words that have no rhyme (

  2. If you said it just right, you could rhyme orange with porridge...maybe, hahahaha.

  3. Not a poet, but I knew about orange.

    Checked out Scott's link and it confirmed my suspicion that there were other words which couldn't rhyme.