Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Techno tart or Metamorphosis junky?

The World is full of writers! Until I started blogging and twittering I never realised just how many people write novels, let alone other forms of writing. It seems the whole world is just tapping away at keyboards. Is that a good thing? Of course, but I have to confess that as this realisation slowly dawned on me, it made me realise just how much competition I have to get my novels out there and how hard it is to break into mainstream publishing. I even feel a teensy weensy bit sorry for agents and editors. How on earth can they choose? But choose they must and anyone who has penned a really good tale and taken care with the editing and presentation will always give themselves a good start in this headlong race to get publishing houses attention. But as someone esle said, elsewhere, is it always about publication? Maybe not but I do belive it is always about wanting to be read by someone somewhere... Why else write?
Luckily for many of us there are other forms of being read nowadays and that includes stuff like this - blogging and networking. And there again there is always self publishing and e publishing and many other things. None of which carry the kind of stigma (of being second rate writing) that they once did. The world has changed - even in the short time of the advent of the internet - was it only 1991? And it continues to metamorphose at a faster than ever rate. The way we read is also rapidly changing - look at the growth of e-readers. So, who knows what opportunities tomorrow might bring?
Onwards and upwards I say. Embrace technology - you might as well, because you certainly can't stop it!
What do you think? Do you embrace technology?
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  1. It's changing and it's changing fast. So fast that we need to stay on top of it all in order to get away. I'm a technology embracer and hope to stay that way.