Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The biggest lie ever told to children!

The origins of Santa and the stories surrounding Christmas are buried beneath layers of popular cultural belief. I am, of course, for the moment, putting aside the religious meanings of Christmas – it’s not that I am anti Christian or anything, simply that the notion of telling children the story of Santa and his reindeer has got to be one of the greatest and most enduring stories of all time ( next to the bible and religious teachings). It is also the biggest lie that parents happily enthral their children with.

I mean, when you think about it the image of a big fat man in a bright red suit sliding down your chimney (breaking into your house), eating your food and drinking your wine and then going into a child’s bedroom when they are asleep, ought to be pretty scary for most children. But, hey, it’s okay for this intruder because he’s bringing a sack full of presents! Right!

It just struck me that in other circumstances you could possible write a reasonable paranormal thriller story around the notion of this superman character who can get his reindeer to pull a sledge around the heavens and visit every child in the world in the space of just one night!

But hey, who am I to spoil the kiddies’ fun? I believed it myself for a fair few years… And enduring and endearing it still is – especially when you watch their little faces light up with the wonder and the thrill of it all because they’ve listened hard on Christmas Eve and heard the sleigh bells…

I first posted this article a year ago but thought it worth reminding everyone of the joy children bring and that Christmas is the time when families come together and celebrate as one and the main focus is often the children. In light of the recent tragic events my heart and prayers go out to those families who have lost their beloved children (and those who lost other family members) and it is to be hoped that this kind of tragedy never happens again.

A very Merry Christmas to one and all and here’s hoping we all have a peaceful 2012!


  1. My children were aware of Santa Claus because of TV and other kids. Each asked me at a pretty young age if Santa was real. I said, No. I don't think it's a good idea to tell children lies.


  2. I've questioned my decision to go with the Santa myth, but the kids enjoy it for now. My son hasn't fully believed it since he was about 5, but when he asks me about it I always ask him what believes. He tells me he chooses to believe in Santa for another year. I refuse to compound the original lie by not taking his skepticism seriously. Funny that we lie when we're teaching them not to.

  3. A lovely post, Pat. I still feel that awe and wonder I felt as a child at Christmas time. I adore being with family, even if we are all grown up now. Precious and valued times that I never take for granted. Wishing you a happy Christmas, Pat and hope that the new year will be filled with joy and success.

  4. thanks for your kind comments folks and a very merry Christmas to one and all!

  5. Odd isn't it how children must be good and not tell lies, otherwise their family tell them Santa won't bring them any presents.