Tuesday, 26 April 2011

3500 books on a plane!

I am now the proud owner of a brand new kindle.
What a profound change to the reading experience. I don't think the world of story telling has undergone such a change since Gutenberg invented the printing press! I must say that having heard about the e-readers for some years I have decried it in all quarters as the nemesis of the printed book. I extolled the virtue of paper and ink saying it was irreplaceable and bemoaned that anyone could think an electronic reader could compete with a few hundred years of  beautiful tactile books. However, I now think (along with many others) that there is room for both hard copy books and electronic books.
Just as the music industry had to cope with the onslaught of itunes (and similar  formats) and the film idustry to cope with dvd releases and the like, so the publishing industry is finally coming to terms with the modern electronic way of getting reading material to the public. In this day and age of instant communication it was inevitable, I suppose...
I really like the travelability of the kindle - you can take 3500 books with you on a plane! - and the ease of buying the books is superb ( although that is perhaps partly the point).  And as a writer, electronic publishing  is yet another market in a world of ever decreasing opportunities to get traditionally published.
I've got to admit, I don't know anyone who has purchased an electronic reader who regrets it.
In my humble opinion it simply adds to my reading experience as I still read old fashioned books too.
What do you think of the explosion of e-format books and e-readers?


  1. I agree. The change is revolutionary. I love my Kindle. I have tons of books on there.

  2. I must admit I'm still not a fan! I can definitely see the advantages of a Kindle, and of course if I'm ever published I'll be more than happy for people to read my books in any medium possible, but personally I still favour the old fashioned book for reading :o)

  3. My husband has a sony, similar to the Kindle. He loves it.

  4. I definitely think there's room for both traditional books and e-books. I own a Kindle, and it's fine for travel, but I prefer to read print books at home. And while I think it's awesome the Kindle can hold so many books, I can only read one at a time. Why do I need to carry 3500?

    If a book is available in print, that's my chosen format. If it's only available electronically, Kindle to the rescue!

  5. I LOVE my Kindle. It goes with me everywhere. I ruined many a purse lugging a big fat book around. I also believe there is nothing more satisfying than the feel of a book in your hand. It's cool that folks can buy and send you a book on you Kindle. A few nice surprises have popped up on my Kindle home page.

  6. I think it's great for writers and readers! I love being able to buy books quickly from my flat!

  7. I've really fallen in love with my Kindle. I was skeptical at first, but it really is amazing.

    The words have power, not the paper.