Sunday, 17 April 2011

Help - my novel needs me!

What a disappointment! After ordering my kindle and, in excited anticipation, looking forward to it's delivery, I waited two weeks and was then told it was undeliverable here in the Canary Islands and had been sent back to the States!! Boohoo....
Oh well, I'm due back in UK soon so will have to wait til then to get the darn thing.

On another note, my novel writing is getting shoved back in the daily list of 'to do's'. And it seems to be in favour of networking but it just won't do!! I know in this day and age networking is a must but time is something most of us don't have in abundance. I think I must re-assess and sort things better than this... Oh well, at least I am writing in a fashion - on blogs etc... But my novel needs me - help!

Do other writers struggle with this networking stuff? I mean, what with reading blogs, twitter posts, facebook and writing comments and feedback myself, the hours have just slid by.

How do you organise your time? Or am I simply procrastinating too much?

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  1. I seem to be like you. I tend to jump back and forth to various writing activities. However, I am begining to think this helps in the end - if nothing else it certainly keeps me on my toes.

  2. Patricia, I struggle with balancing time between my WIP, edits, querying and networking all the time. But, as long as I'm making progress, I try not to let myself become weighed down by feeling guilty over spending time blogging or networking.

    And BTW, I have something for you over on my blog, come and claim it :)