Friday, 17 June 2011

Ta Da! My re-vamped blog launches!

TA DA!! *Trumpet fanfare - Ryanair style*... My newly renovated, re-vamped and refurbished blog launches today!

After reading Kristen Lamb's blog and her social media books, I decided to take her advice and totally re-focus my blog to reflect who I am and what I do.  Hence the emphasis on me and my genre. 
I intend to blog at least three times a week and although it will be mostly about thrillers, I will talk about other related topics too. (*Muse whispers in ear*, well, that little rider gives you carte blanche if you get stuck!  Ignores muse and shakes head - onwards and upwards...)

So, to coninue - my Monday posts will be about some of the darker edges of thrillers such as murder, evil and what makes bad characters tick.

My posts on Wednesdays will be a little tongue in cheek as I intend to explore the paranormal, supernatural and some other whacky bits and peices (but NO vampires!). Mainly because my books do feature some elements of the supernatural - although fairly lightly done.

Fridays will be about the whole genre of thrillers from suspense, horror, and murder mystery to epic armageddon type tales. The story is the main thing and in common with many thriller writers I do try to make my stories fast-paced and edgy.

So there you go - new blog launched! I just hope it will fly!

What do you think? Is re-branding oneself a good thing?

Samples of my books and writing are on my website:


  1. I really like the new site, Pat - and it's made me even more deterimined to freshen up my own two blogs during the summer!

  2. I love it Pat and I'll be keep a close eye on your three a-week Blogs too!

    Must now take a critical look at my Blog...eek!

  3. I went to one of Lamb's workshops at a conference earlier this year. It also inspired me to revamp my blog! I tried doing the 3-times-a-week thing, but I've gone down to what's practical for me right now (at least once a week). But I like the way my blog reflects me as a writer and covers topics I think my potential readers would enjoy. Lamb makes some great points!

  4. I keep thinking I need to revamp my blog but then I get distracted. Yours looks great. Congrats!

  5. Thanks everyone for your supportive comments!