Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Afterlife of Darkmares - kindle edition.

Yay and Ta Da!!! My new book is now in kindle form!
The Afterlife of Darkmares is a supernatural thriller set partly in 16th century England and partly in contemporary modern life.  Here is the back cover blurb:

When single mum Kate Linden’s disabled daughter dies unexpectedly she is stunned to find she is under suspicion of harming her. But Kate still has a 12year old son, Grif, who refuses to speak and is grappling with issues of his own – not least of which is his attachment to a supposedly imaginary friend. Kate’s relationship with her son is fraught as she struggles to make some kind of connection with him and also deal with her own intense grief.
Unbeknown to Kate, in 1665, a disastrous event - the plague - in a small Derbyshire village - has consequences that stretch into the 21st Century and she is blind to the fact that her son (feeling estranged from all around him) has unwittingly allowed an evil entity to awaken and threaten them all.
 Kate must now fight her own demons and accept help from unlikely sources if she is to save her son from a fate worse than death. The help finally comes from a sleep therapist, an elderly bereaved lady and Jeremiah, an old man who hovers between life and death on a life support machine…

Please forgive my plug - I don't usually push my books on here other than mentioning them from time to time...
So if you feel like reading something a little different give it a go!!

Also availble on kindle is my book "The Witcheye Gene".

So there you have - it my offerings plugged!! Hope no one is offended?

Do you plug your books regularly on your blog or only when they are first out?


  1. I love the title - and it sounds a great read!

    I like it when writers plug their work and I think it's quite right you should, but like you I feel awkward about pushing my own stuff. Funny isn't it x

  2. Congratulations, Pat! You should be proud. The story sounds good.

    There's nothing wrong about plugging your book. It's one of the many ways writers can promote for free. I plug my books all the time, which I'm sure you're aware of...readers will either read what I have to say or leave. Don't ever feel bad about letting others know about your accomplishments.


  3. Its been a while since I plugged my books on my blog. Speaking of which, I have the Mother of all promos for Breakthrough next week! Its going to be big big big!!!

  4. I try to only promote is around launch-time. There is so much promo going on everywhere these days that I'm conscious people are getting a little tired of it all.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for the helpful comments.