Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Explosions All Over the place!

Explosive novels  

I have often wondered what an ‘explosive story’ actually means when I have read it in a book review.  It may just be a term to catch a reader’s attention; it may mean it actually does have explosions in it!  Or it could simply mean a story is sensational.

But I have come to the conclusion that most mean it to imply that something startling or shocking happens in a story. It could also suggest some kind of expose (especially if it is a ‘true-life’ type story. Whatever the true meaning the term does have an ear catching ring to it and for those looking for a roller coaster thriller-type read, it meets the criteria for that kind of story.  

However, I have sometimes found that it is disappointingly naïve to rely on these kinds of descriptions as the promise is not always delivered on.   But there again if it gets people to look at your story perhaps it is worth talking it up…

For me an ‘explosive story’ is one where the unexpected happens in a startlingly abrupt way. Sometimes, it is just such an action which turns a mundane story into an electrifying one. In other words a shocking, surprising development can make your story ‘explode into life’ and carry an impetus which will keep a reader gripped to the very end. Now that is a satisfyingly ‘explosive novel’!
Do you use the unexpected to make your story explosive?


  1. Wonderful post! Unexpected, startling events can add great tension and excitement to a novel. So, yes, I'm always on the lookout for those opportunities in my writing. However, I know that they can't be forced without coming across as awkward.

  2. I aim to lull the reader into a nice cosy place, where they feel warm and secure, then I drop something gory and horrid before them. Well, I am a writer of dark fantasy, and supernatural...

  3. I try to write unexpected things to do just that, but I'm always paranoid any future reader will actually see it coming from a mile away. I also worry about how to write in unexpected things and still have it feel organic to the story and characters.

  4. Great post. I'm sometimes a bit timid in my choice of reading. I hate too many explosive shocks. There's enough of that in real life sometimes.

  5. Indeed, this is an informative post. Like you said, if the writer wants to make an explosive story then they have to show it in an unexpected and abrupt way. It may add excitement for the readers but they will feel it instantly if the story essay writing services looks forced just to create an explosive ambiance.