Monday, 9 July 2012

A Flipping Good Day

Today is a good day because I am back in beautiful Lanzarote - AND today I have my PC back and it's all mended. I have been struggling with it for a while but I have now had a new motherboard??? And it works fine so it's full steam ahead for all my writing and blogging etc.

Today is also a good day because my latest novel  The Afterlife of Darkmares is now out in paperback form on as well as on kindle. Yay!!

And to cap it off today is also 'bloglights' day. Yay again! ( I'm getting rather good at cheering...)
For the uniniated this is a new feature I am trying out where I highlight a few other good blogs I have visited which I think are worth a visit.

So here goes:

First up is Bea Sempere (aka Denise Baer). Her blog Skipping Stone Memories is a favourite of mine. She posts some thought provoking observations on life and writing and she has some fabulous quirky pics too.

Next is Annalisa Crawford. Some great posts and she often has guest interviews too. She is also a member of the Insecure Writers Group (IWSG) and I belive all are invited to join.

Another interesting blog is Maria Zannini who writes paranormal historicals and mythological - type stories. Her blog is often full of contests and give aways. She can be found at lots of places on the web but her blog is well worth a visit.

Last ( but not least) is Frances Garrood whose blog aften brings a smile to my face. I just love that her posts are relatively short and so easy to read. She has an amusing outloook on life and her comments are to the point and often quite funny. Just the thing for a moody monday morning...

So there we have it - just a few of the blogs I enjoy. Do visit if you can.

Do you think this kind of promotion is worthwhile?


  1. Thanks for the mention. :o)

    I'll be sure to check out the other blogs you recommended. I'm always interested in meeting new people.

  2. Does this promotion work? Yup, just checked out the ones your recommended. Glad your PC is better.

  3. Great list of blogs, Pat. I think I follow a few of them, and I'll check out the others!

  4. Thanks for those links, look forward in checking them out!

  5. You're cheery mood is catchy, thanks Pat :-)

  6. Congrats on your latest novel!

  7. Well done on your publishing success, and thank you for posting the list of blogs. I'm off there now to investigate.