Tuesday, 9 October 2012

'The Witcheye Gene' - Thrillers and Auras

 Writing Thrillers and using Auras
When I was writing my second book ( The Witcheye Gene) I thought it would be interesting to use the paranormal-type phenomenon of auras. I was quite surprised when my research turned up the fact that it was not strictly true that it is entirely a paranormal/supernatural occurrence. My dictionary defines an aura as “an atmosphere or quality of air considered as indicative of a person or thing” but I think that meaning is not quite the same thing. After all, I think we can all recognise that an angry person can exude a certain aggressive-kind of vibe. This person could be said to have an aura about them.
The other meaning of auras is to forewarn of impending epileptic attacks or migraines etc. They indicate the brain is signalling to the sufferer that it is about to happen. These auras can take different forms such as certain smells, sounds or tastes that are experienced by the individual. So an aura in this case can be an important early warning system.

But the kind of aura I am talking about in supernatural thriller writing is the kind of aura where a person is said to have a luminous radiation of light or energy around them that can actually be seen by people who have special powers. There is lots of controversy about this phenomenon but in the land of the paranormal it is exactly the kind of thing that adds flavour and mysticism to a story. And allows a great deal of license in designing credible plot line… I think I used it to good effect when my character – who had a measure of supernatural power – could seea very dark aura around a character.

There are said to be 7 layers to an aura with each layer relating to different human characteristics, and each layer has different colours and different frequencies. So the light wavers and changes colour. Attributing characteristics or using the aura to highlight true motivation is also a useful plot device. For instance an aura could be red signifying suppressed anger or blue signalling calm and rationality. It could be orange for health and vitality or yellow for inspiration and intelligence. Black, of course, would be about evil intention or death… These are simply suggestions but I’m sure you can see how it could be used for good effect. Or maybe not…
In real terms, it seems that we all have an aura – even worms and insects have them – for they are simply magnetic energy fields. It’s just that most people cannot see these fields with the naked eye. Makes for juicy story lines, though… Don’t you think?



  1. I had no idea that "aura" could have so many meanings. Your post is very interesting. I know I'll learn a lot from you.

    Janie Junebug

  2. I don't know why auras and seeing them is considered controversial. Artists have been painting halos around saints and other special people for a looooong time.

  3. Don't night vision goggles also show an "aura"--in that case heat that radiates off the skin? Like Bish said, it's a phenomenon that even ancient peoples sensed.

    And thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. This is fascinating. It makes me wonder what color my aura is. hmmm... There is definitely a story there!

  5. Very interesting. And yes, I do see how these auras could add interest to a story line.

  6. Fascinating! I had an aura reading done once, but the guy was way off on my personality!

  7. It definitely sounds like you put the paranormal version to good use. Pretty sure my magnetic aura is what blows up lightbulbs and kills watch batteries. Darn auras! I like how you mention not only showing the characterization with the aura, but also the current mood/intentions. I'm betting that has been used less often than the overall personality effect.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  8. Wow, what an amazing idea for a book. It's so interesting when you start reseaching a novel and discover more things you can incorporate into the plotline.

  9. Fascinating stuff. The black aura in particular seems very scary - then even those with extra sensory powers might not see such a person coming in the dead of night!