Sunday, 26 October 2014


Pam Fish (Chairman of NAWG) and I had a lovely sociable day at New Writers UK book fair day in Nottingham yesterday. We manned a promotions table for National Association of Writers Groups (NAWG) which was viewed with lots of interest by the general public who were very interested in what we had to offer.

We met some lovely folk and had a very interesting day, networking with like-minded people.

Stop Press - NAWG's Open Writing competition is still open for entries - see website.

NAWG has recently started a publication arm and one of our first books is "Boosting your self confidence as a writer" by Steve Bowkett (available from We sold quite a few copies of this wonderfully inspiring book at the book fair which was good news for our organisation.

National Association of Writing Groups
Welcomes all writers (whether in a group or not) but obviously we especially welcome writing groups. Please see website for joining details.
Our  groups and associates receive LINK magazine free (6 issues per year) with their membership. The magazine features news, articles and fiction (submitted by members) with other items of interest to writers of all persuasion. We also have lots of free competitions ( to members) and open competitions for all to enter. We also run a very well supported and informative writing festival each year at the beginning of September. Our festival is a two/three day event with well known speakers and  professional writers leading innovative workshops. Its also a chance to network and get to know other writers in a friendly fun atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us and you will be warmly welcomed.

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  1. I endorse everything that Pat has said as writing can often be a solitary occupation, being part of a group will give you inspiration and friendship as well as being a solid background for your endeavours. Long may both writing groups and NAWG live - so again, I'm in full agreement by saying - what are you waiting for?