Friday, 3 October 2014

Wickedly wicked...


Wicked! Now there's a word!
I just love that word. It conjures up images of witches and wizards for me and I always think of Ray Bradbury‘s brilliant novel “Something wicked this way comes”. He took his inspiration from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, of course.
Nowadays it is used by young people as a replacement for the word ‘brilliant’ or something similar. It is also associated with the word ‘cool’ – as in something or someone being ‘hip’ or current. Whoever said language was not a living breathing changeable entity!

Anyway, I digress. What I mean to talk about is the original proper use of the word. When I looked it up in my dictionary it said it meant evil or sinful. But then there was a whole host of harsh words from ‘abominable’ to ‘abased’ to ‘shameful’ and ‘vicious’. In fact over fifty similar words! Many of which I have used time and again in my own supernatural thriller writing.

But nothing says something evil quite as succinctly as ‘wicked’. It goes best with villainous characters and horrific deeds. A good word like this can be as helpful in horror/thriller writing as love is in romance writing. But it can equally be much overused and abused. At this particular time of year - this post seems particularly pertinent - especially if you are a thriller writer - Happy Halloween everyone!

So do you have favourite words that you feel inclined to use more often than not?


  1. I used to worry about using a word too much when I began writing. No, I DID use words too much when I began writing. It's not so much of a problem now. I still have to watch repeating things like, "Grant paced the kitchen floor, running his hands through his hair." If I'm not careful, I'd have the poor guy rub all the hair off his head.

  2. Language must change or it dies.


  3. I love that word. What would the witch of fairy tales be without it :-) x