Thursday, 24 March 2011

Archaic words? Opinions needed...

I'm looking for an opinion or three on the use of old English words. My latest unpublished book is partly set in 17th Century England and to give more of a flavour of the times I have use a sprinkling of old English words - i.e. 'Tis' and 'ailing' 'pestilence' 'visitation' 'methinks' 'Good Sir'.  I have only used them sparingly but I have been advised it might be a good idea to remove them. I have read historical novels where they too have used a few odd words for resonance but there again I have read others who have not. I feel I'd like to keep them in as I don't think there are enough to spoil the reading experience... But I don't want to harm my chance of publication. I'd love to know what other historical writers think? Please let me know via this blog or my website. Thanks.
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