Saturday, 26 March 2011

Cynical twit!

How much time do you spend twittering?
I am astounded by how much time just drifts by whilst I am responding and reading to my twitter account. And yet it doesn't seem as if I've done much - or said much, come to that...
I did a quick count (read rough 'guesstimate') the other day and I reckon I had tweeted over 2000 words. That is, I had written over 100 tweets which equals - 100x140 characters divided by 6 (letters in average word - arbitrarily perhaps...) and it came to more than 2000 words! If my rough arithmetic is about right that could have been 7 pages of my book completed...
Duh! I just realised the time it took to work that out, I could probably have written a couple more pages... No wonder it takes me so long to write a book... There ought to be a law against it.
Of course, there are some cynical people who would say I was merely procrastinating? Noooooo... Err... Well... Maybe - just a bit..
But then again there's facebook...
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