Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Where will it all end?

Hi all
I've not been around on the old PC much the last few days. Entertaining on Sunday and out attending meetings etc Monday and Tuesday. And then there was the sunbathing and reading?? Such a busy life... Retirement is hard work (Joke!*#) At least I get time to spend doing loads of writing but, believe me, somehow the days just disappear anyway and I wonder where the time went ... Every night when I look at my bed, I think it feels as if I only just got out of this thing (bed that is!).
It's all about priorties and I'm not really complaining...
I've read a bit about e-publishing, self publishing and the kindle lately and I do feel tempted to have a go at it. Maybe I should start by getting myself a kindle and trying it out for myself. It certainly does seem like the world of books is changing fast - probably in line with the rapidly developing area of communication technology. I never could have foreseen - just ten years ago - that I would be doing the kinds of things I am doing now! Blogging, tweeting, facebook, email and websites... Where will it all end? It is so exciting though, isn't it? To think that I can sit here in my office in Lanzarote and talk to people all over the world in so many mediums...
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