Thursday, 24 March 2011

Genre explanations

I've been having a read around some other people's blogs and looking at lots snippets of interesting information. I was intrigued to come across 'The Medieval Chronicle'. It does what it says on the tin and explores lots of things from around that time in history. I read an article about the origins of St Vitus Dance - fascinating!! The only trouble with all this is you can get so absorbed and carried away that the time runs away from you. How much actual writing this leads to is debatable... In fact I haven't started any work on my book yet! Bad, bad...
I also heard about another way to describe the kind of books I write - paranormal romantic thrillers?? Or what about supernatural romantic thrillers? I always struggle to describe exactly what genre my work falls into but this kind if tag seems to fit the score! I must remember this when I next submit... BUT are publishers looking for this kind of work? Err... groan...Oh well, that's another question entirely...
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