Sunday, 13 March 2011

I'm beginning to get the hang of this social networking thing, I think... Maybe I should also watch the film?
Got to get on with the writing today. I have final edit checks on my book 'The Afterlife of Darkmares' and need to push on with the ideas for my new book.
The new book is still in conversation form at the minute - i.e. a discussion with myself. I know it sounds crazy but it does seem to work for me...I type my thoughts out as a conversation between myself and my PC... Mad, I know, after all what can my PC tell me?? But I generally ramble without pause or editing and the act of typing half formed ideas seems to help me think and mould more concrete story lines. It's also great fun as no outlandish notion is off limits.
Ah yes, I was going to say why the name of this blog is sooo appropriate...
Well, about 12 years ago I had a big problem and...
oh, must go - see you later

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